Who can Study in Germany?

Germany is one of the most popular study destinations for international applicants. But not everybody has the eligibility to study in Germany.

What does the eligibility mean?

If you are eligible to study in Germany that means you fulfill the basic requirements to be able to apply. The eligibility can be for all courses in Germany or just in specific areas such as engineering or sciences.

Eligibility vs. Requirement

The eligibility is not to be confused with the requirements of the universities. You an have an eligibility, which enables you to study in Germany in general, but still not fulfill the requirements of the university.

Here is an example:

For most of the countries, if you have a completed 4-Year Bachelors degree , you are eligible to study in Germany. But if the university requires an internship and you haven’t done one, you don’t fulfill the requirements of the university.

This all may seem confusing in theory, but it will get clearer once you start.

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