Blocked Account (Sperrkonto)

When applying for a student visa in Germany, certain documents must be presented. One of these documents is a financial proof of living in Germany. This can be shown trough a Blocked Account (Sperrkonto).

What is a Blocked Account?

A blocked account is a special kind of bank account for international Students. The full amount of one year‘s living expenses (10.236 EUR) must be transferred to the account in order to proof financial resources. The money can then be withdrawn only on a monthly basis (853 EUR /month) from the account which is why it is called blocked account.

The money is not paid to someone, it is still your money, only you are not able to access the full amount of 10.236 euro, but just the monthly 853 EUR.

How to open a Blocked Account?

Since not every bank is approved by the German Federal Foreign Office, there are only a limited number of banks where you can open a blocked account. Some of the banks have an offline process, where you need to go to the German consulate to sign your documents and then send them via post to Germany. Since it is highly inconvenient and more expensive, we generally recommend an online provider. One of them is Expatrio.

Expatrio Blocked Account

Expatrio is the first digital relocation platform for students, workers and expatriates that wish to live in Germany. They’ve built a customized solution allowing you to minimize bureaucratic processes associated with moving to Germany.

The service enables you to open blocked and current bank accounts and also secure the required insurances with trustworthy partners, such as Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), DR-WALTER, Monese, and others.

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Fully digital in less than 10 minutes: With Expatrio the whole process is online, you fill out the form online, follow the instructions and upload your documents.

Here are the main benefits of the online blocked in oppose to the offline account:

  • Faster Opening Confirmation (24-h in oppose to 3-4 weeks)
  • No need to go to the German embassy to sign your documents
  • Open your account anytime, anywhere and paperless
  • More user-friendly process

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Our Verdict

The blocked account of Expatrio is inexpensive, fast, user-friendly and comes with a lot of extras, such as health insurance (which is also a mandatory document for your visa application). Expatrio not only offers a one stop solution for services which are required but also additional ones which are all very helpful for a successful study start in Germany.  

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