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The University

The university is founded in 2003 through the merger of two universities and is the youngest university in Germany.  It is ranked 190 in 2019’s Times Higher Education ranking. There are 11 departments with programs ranging from the humanities and social sciences over economics and business studies all the way to the engineering sciences and natural sciences. By far, most students are enrolled in engineering programs. The university’s motto is “Open-Minded” which refers both to the diversity and research made at the university. The yearly budget covers 483 million EUR and it is also well-known in the international scientific community. Almost 20% of the enrolled students are international students from 130 different countries.

The City

The university has campuses in two cities in North Rhine Westphalia. Which has around 550.000 habitants. One of them has the most important steel production site in Europe and functions as a logistical center of Germany. It’s known for its large harbor on the Rhine river. The site of an old ironworks is now a park with trails and a ropes course.

The other city is known as “the shopping city” and was awarded the European Green Capital in 2017. The Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex has been transformed to house several museums. A heritage trail through the former colliery chronicles the city’s history of coal mining and steel production.


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The Program

Compact Program Information
Degree Name:                                                      Bachelor of Science

Application Fee:                                                  75 EUR

Application Time:                                             All year

Previous German Knowledge:                     None

Language Preparation Cost:                         private

Language Preparation Duration:               2 Semesters

Program Duration:                                            6 Semesters

Program Description

In the basic part of the studies, the so-called basic modules, the necessary basic knowledge for a business education is laid. The basic modules are therefore completely designed as compulsory modules and contain basic elements from the fields of business administration, economics, statistics, mathematics and law. The subsequent advanced modules serve to deepen the most important areas of business administration in general and accounting in particular for all students.

Students then have the opportunity to specialise in individual fields of business administration according to their individual career aspirations and inclinations. The following business management specializations are available:

  • Accounting, Auditing and Taxation
  • Banking and finance
  • Supply Chain Management and Logistics
  • Management and Economics
  • Marketing and Analytics

In addition, the Bachelors programme in Business Administration includes a so-called supplementary area, which in turn is divided into the three modules E1, E2 and E3. Area E1 is primarily used to teach key qualifications and combines the practice of presentation techniques and rhetorical skills with the practical application of scientific content in the learning form of a computer-based business simulation. Area E2 offers students a further opportunity to specialise according to their interests. Here, students choose between modules that are supervised by disciplines related to economics, such as business education, business mathematics, business psychology, business languages and business law. In module E3, students are given the opportunity to look  “beyond the box” of their discipline and to gain insights into other subjects via events from the programme of the other faculties.

Admission Requirements

1- General Eligibility- Requirements to be able to apply at German universities

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2- Course Specific Eligibility- Requirements specificly for your selected program


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