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The University

Regional roots, global reputation – that’s the University. The education is very popular with national and international companies. Young people enjoy a different way of studying in the region: the personal atmosphere, the practical teaching, the green campus. The teaching and research in engineering sciences, natural sciences, computer science and economics is made in 34 institutes and 5 research centers.  The university especially offers courses in engineering since is a technical university.

The City

It is the largest town of the surrounding area with an altitude of 535 m. It is great for winter activities, and for walking and mountain biking during the rest of the year. The university was opened in 1775 and used to be a school and a center for mining apprentices. In 1864 it was established as a mining academy, and also taught physics, chemistry, mathematics and engineering. One part of the towns focus is on university life and the business world, whereas the other part is the tourist center of the city.


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The Program

Compact Program Information
Degree Name:                                                      Bachelor of Science

Application Fee:                                                  75 EUR

Application Time:                                            All year

Previous German Knowledge:                     None

Language Preparation Cost:                         500 EUR/ Semester

Language Preparation Duration:               2 Semesters

Program Duration:                                           6 Semesters

Program Description

Materials science and materials engineering are innovation drivers and the key to a large number of product innovations. According to the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, more than 70 percent of the gross national product in Western technology countries is directly or indirectly related to the development of new materials. In Germany, the division generates annual sales of almost one trillion euros and employs around five million people.

Materials science and materials engineering create solutions to pressing questions of the future. New materials are more durable and safer and contribute to resource efficiency. In addition, new materials are helping to implement climate protection goals and improve energy supplies, facilitate sustainable mobility, provide new diagnostic and therapeutic options in the healthcare system and make everyday life easier for older people.

Materials technology makes important contributions to the expansion of Germany’s leading global position in key industries such as mechanical engineering, chemicals, precision mechanics and optics, construction and the automotive industry. Modelling and simulation support the targeted development of new materials.

The aim of the course is to provide a solid and challenging scientific education that will provide a special competence in the field of materials science and engineering, based on solid engineering fundamentals. The course has different specializations:

  • Metallic materials (steels, light metals)
  • Metallurgy (foundry technology, forming technology, process technology)
  • Non-metallic-inorganic materials (glasses, ceramics, binders)
  • plastics technology
  • polymers

Admission Requirements

1- General Eligibility- Requirements to be able to apply at German universities

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2- Course Specific Eligibility- Requirements specificly for your selected program


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