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The University

People-Centered – Cosmopolitan – High-performance

With its 20 faculties, disciplinary institutional units, it is home to 5,600 employees and over 42,000 students from more than 130 countries. All the great scientific disciplines are united on one compact campus. The university is on its way to becoming one of the leading European universities of the 21st Century. The excellence programmes have made themselves an international name for structured researche. Interdisciplinary Research Departments, nationally and internationally networked, sharpen the profile. What makes it all come alive is the people who meet on campus with their thirst for knowledge, their curiosity, and their commitment. They help shape the university and their open-mindedness makes it an attractive place for people from around the world.

The City

With 360.000 habitats it is one of the smaller cities with a university. The city is the center of heavy industry in Germany. It got the first university of the Area, which was opened in 1965. Today it is one of the largest universities of the country. Mining and steel production came to an end and in the 1960s, the Opel car production began and offered jobs for miners who had lost their jobs in mining.  Today it is a modern city with a job focus in the service sector. It has many parks, museums and events.


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The Program

Compact Course Information
Degree Name:                                                      Bachelor of Science

Application Fee:                                                  None

Application Time:                                            Summer/Winter

Previous German Knowledge:                     None

Language Preparation Cost:                         500 EUR/ Semester

Language Preparation Duration:               2 Semesters

Program Duration:                                            6 Semesters

Program Description

The universities leading position in the field of IT security training pays off: After Bachelor and Master-degree excellent fields of activity result. As a rule, our graduates can choose between various attractive employers.

The study of IT security is comprehensive and interdisciplinary. Above all, the combination of engineering thinking and expertise in information technology and IT security is highly valued by employers in the IT sector. IT security, information technology and computer science form the basis of the ITS Bachelor’s degree. They are supplemented by electrical engineering and other basic subjects. In the lectures Introduction to Cryptography1 and 2 students learn about modern encryption methods, digital signatures and protocols from the very beginning. In the lectures Network Security1 and 2 concrete cryptographic systems are considered, and their security is examined from all sides. Additional soft skills are taught through non-technical subjects.

Parts of the program:

IT-Security; Subjects such as cryptography, network security and system security enable an IT security education of unprecedented breadth and depth.

Systems theory; Subjects that teach systems theoretical methods for the analysis and design of information processing systems.

computer sciences; Subjects that deal with the functionality and use of digital computers and, in particular, with the structure and programming of computers using modern methods of software engineering.

electrical engineering/electronics; Subjects that deal with physical and technical processes in materials of electronics and the components and circuits produced.

Admission Requirements

1- General Eligibility- Requirements to be able to apply at German universities

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2- Course Specific Eligibility- Requirements specificly for your selected program


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