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Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced university consultants who are passionate and dedicated to give you the best support.

With our in-depth knowledge of both the German university regulations and experience we gathered over the years by assisting applicants, we are confident to be able to help you as well.

Our physical presence in Düren, Germany combined with the excellent German knowledge of our team, means that we can provide you the best possible service with the most current information in a timely and effective manner.

Why Study in Germany?

Fortune 500 Companies
Nobel Prizes
  • No tuition fees

  • Great career opportunities

  • Permission to work while studying

  • Excellent education

  • 150 million people speak German

  • Safe environment

  • Possibility for a citizenship

Money Back Guarantee

We have assisted many applicants like yourself to get an admission from a German university. Which is why we are convinced to be able to help you as well and promise you a refund find out more here…




We offer solutions for the industries biggest problems


  • Not having an overview: No search engine which includes information about all universities.

  • Difficulties finding current information: Frequently changing laws and regulations

  • Time consuming research: Different application process at the universities.

  • Not knowing German: Information on university websites often only in German.

  • No practice: Application requirements and forms complicated.

  • Receiving answers late: Postal answers from universities arrive late to addresses abroad.

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